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            Gaomi Tianjiali Labor Insurance Co., Ltd.Welcome!


            Tianjiali Labor InsuranceFocus on safety, focus on protection


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            Quality concept: excellent technology, first-class products, professional quality

            Our goal: 100% product pass rate, customer satisfaction rate ≥98%, manufacturing defect rate ≤2%

            Brand concept: the logo of the industry, our pride

            Market concept: discovering the market, creating the market, and maintaining the market

            Crisis concept: chasers are surpassing us!

            Goal concept: Unremitting pursuit and tenacious pioneer spirit will stand on the turmoil of the competition, keep up with the times, and create a blue sky with the attitude of industry leaders.

            Philosophical view: thinking, practice, rethinking, and then practicing

            Cost concept: reduce internal management costs, reduce external transaction costs, cut down all costs that can be cut off for customers

            Development concept: a forward-looking strategic vision, constantly exploring and transforming the operating system and business model of the company, always at the forefront of the times

            Innovation concept: discard the old-fashioned model that is not conducive to the development and reform, experience the value of creation in developing new products, creating new business, and exploring new markets, injecting momentum into continuous innovation, and embedding innovative genes in the blood of employees. , create customer satisfaction in continuous learning and progress