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      The use of labor protection products

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      The use of labor protection products
        The standard use of labor protection products is to ensure the safety of operators. Better work is done to ensure the health and safety of workers.
        1, the use of standard helmets: improper use will easily fall, easily lead to head injuries, will not achieve the protection they deserve.
        2, the use of female helmets: women enter the workshop when the hair is involved in the helmet, so that the hair will not be involved in the machine to eliminate safety hazards.
        3, the use of earplugs: no earplugs in the noisy work environment, causing hearing loss.
        4, the wear of the overalls: three tight requirements: the neckline, cuffs, hem must be fastened. The collar and cuffs of the overalls are not buckled, and they are easy to cut and do not have the protective effect.
        5. Use of labor insurance gloves: It is forbidden to roll up the gloves and remove the protective protective equipment in the work area. Wear cut-resistant gloves on the inside and canvas gloves on the outside.
        6, the use of labor insurance shoes: labor insurance shoes should be replaced in time to avoid being cut by parts and scrap. If it is not replaced, it will easily cause cuts and will not have the protective effect.
        7. Crane operation: The hand can only be pressed on the wire rope, otherwise it will be easily injured by the wire rope, and the hand will be crushed by the wire rope when it is lifted on the inside.
        8. Responsible for welding operations: Masks must be worn during welding operations, which can easily damage the eyes and cause vision loss.
        9. In the environment of grinding operation: protective glasses and masks must be worn. Otherwise, it is easy to inhale dust and the grinding powder flies into the eyes.