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              Life cycle protective equipment use cycle

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              Life cycle protective equipment use cycle
              Labor protection products are personal safety protections provided to prevent or reduce accidents and injuries during employees' activities. In terms of different kinds of labor protection products, different work environments have different definitions of the use period, and also work insurance. The frequency of use of protective equipment, and the nature of protective personal protective equipment and other factors.
                  When labor insurance products are damaged due to injury, test protection function fails or exceeds the validity period, they should be cleaned up from the job site in time and supervised and destroyed by special personnel. Detailed records of the types, quantities, sources, and causes of destruction are provided, and the archivists and supervisors sign and file the records. In general, the following three principles should be considered for the duration of use of protective gloves:
                1. The degree of corrosion of protective gloves
                 According to different operations, the wear of labor protection products can be divided into heavy corrosion operations, medium corrosion operations, and light corrosion operations. The degree of corrosion reflects the operating environment and the type of work.
                2. Loss of labor gloves
                According to the degree of reduction of the protective function, it can be divided into vulnerable, moderately worn and mandatory. The loss situation reflects the protective performance of the protective equipment.
                3. Durable performance of work gloves
                It can be classified as durable, medium durable and not durable depending on the period of use. Durability reflects the condition of labor protection products.
                   In addition labor protection products should be based on different work environments, targeted and regular exchanges, and is strictly prohibited outflow, to avoid misuse accidents. The use and maintenance of labor protection products should be used in accordance with the requirements of each protective product. Use protective equipment should be careful to avoid damage. Must be strictly checked before use. After use, for future use, carry out maintenance and put it in the prescribed storage place. During inspection, it is found that any damage or serious wear should be promptly replaced.
                  Labor protection products that require regular inspections by the State, such as insulating shoes, insulating gloves, etc., shall be subject to strong inspections according to the minimum indicators of effective protection functions and the effective use period; testing shall be completed by a competent authority with inspection qualification. And issued a test report; The State does not provide labor protection products that should be regularly inspected, such as safety helmets, protective glasses, masks, high-altitude safety belts, etc., shall be in accordance with the minimum requirements for effective protective functions and the effective period of use. Labor protection products are regularly sampled. Only those that pass the test can continue to be used, and those that fail to pass the inspection can be scrapped.