11/5000 Zhèngquè guǎnlǐ hǎo láobǎo fánghù yòngpǐn Correct management of labor protection products - Common problem - Gaomi Tianjiali Labor Insurance Co., Ltd.


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    Position: Home > Common problem > 11/5000 Zhèngquè guǎnlǐ hǎo láobǎo fánghù yòngpǐn Correct management of labor protection products

    11/5000 Zhèngquè guǎnlǐ hǎo láobǎo fánghù yòngpǐn Correct management of labor protection products

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    Correct management of labor protection products
    In order to make personal protective equipment play its due role, Shun Hing Labor Insurance recommends that you strengthen the protection of protective equipment from the following four aspects: procurement of protective equipment, training of personnel education, maintenance and maintenance of protective equipment, and issuance and treatment of protective equipment. management.
      First, the purchase of protective equipment
         The enterprise purchasing department shall be responsible for the purchase of protective articles in accordance with the purchase plan for protective articles. The purchase of protective articles must be purchased by the unit that has obtained the Industrial Safety Certificate. The special labor insurance articles must have product certification and safety appraisal certificates and LA certification. Other safety signs.
         The protective equipment that meets the requirements for the correct choice of safety requirements should be used correctly and must not be misused or used. For example, acid-alkali work gloves should not be replaced by ordinary dipping gloves.
      Second, personnel education and training
    Users should be educated to fully understand the purpose and significance of using labor protection products. As for the protective equipment whose structure and use methods are more complex, repeated training must be carried out to enable the user to use it skillfully.
      Third, the maintenance and maintenance of labor insurance supplies
         Proper maintenance not only extends the life of the protective equipment, but more importantly ensures the product's protective performance. For example, the placement of PVC protective gloves after use, the environment in which they are placed, and the treatment methods before placement, etc., all affect the performance and duration of the gloves.
      Fourth, the release and treatment of protective equipment
          The workshop should establish a personal labor insurance product distribution station or designate a person to take charge of the management. Its responsibility is to issue clean and effective protective equipment. Regular inspections and inspections are carried out on protective equipment. For the labor protection products that have been scrapped, the company strictly complies with the relevant national provisions on the conditions for discarding, discarding, and disposal.

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